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How do you determine what application is right for your business? List your requirements and wishes. Now, connect the individual points. When you do, you'll realize that standard solutions can't offer all you require. It's the primary reason to consider CustomCore. We work with you to create the desired add-ons and applications for our basic packages. In turn, we're able to meet every requirement.

How to get the best solution

First, review your current data across all departments. Mark the data that's created, read, updated, or deleted.

Next, examine your workflows. Start at the top and move through each department. Determine what they do and where the workflow eventually ends. From there, determine if our software can streamline operations. Then, consider the processes that have the most impact on your business. We take over from that point to create the solution you require.

About CustomCore

We constantly notice how companies want to adopt standard solutions to their needs. Yet, what they use has a low return on investment due to expensive updates. This is why we started CustomCore — to build basic yet flexible versions of several business applications. Since we design these packages with PHP Larvel, they can create custom modules to quickly store and retrieve data.

Our standard management system allows you to create certain permissions and roles within the modules. As a result, you control the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete)that bogs down out of the box solutions. Furthermore, we make it easy for internal IT teams to install new plugins. Overall, CustomCore is the multilingual tool you need for international operations.

FSOM Shares its Business Software Solution For Free

Bayreuth Germany, 01.07.2020 — The web development agency FSOM GmbH has published their basic system for free public access.

The CustomCore Basis system is a Laravel 7-based backend that helps developers create individual software solutions. CustomCore 7.2 allows customers to design customized solutions without additional programming knowledge.

A total of 16 plugins are ready for customization within CustomCore 7.2. Applications such as CMS, PIM, CRM, and HRM can be connected within CustomCore, Furthermore, they can communicate with third-party systems.

FSOM CEO Dennis Hoinkis sees CustomCore as a basic model car that can be customized to the driver's needs. As businesses change and grow, CustomCore can change and grow with them.

About FSOM

FSOM comes from Full-Service Online Marketing. Its Information Technology division continues to grow with over 30 team members. They utilize PHP Laravel to produce a scalable product.

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CustomCore for you?

CustomCore is the perfect for start ups, small and medium-sized businesses. Here a short overview

Start Ups

Take only

what you need


Product Information Management with a single data source everyone can work from.


Marketing Campaign Management software that provides automation for briefings and ad servers.


Digital Asset Management tracks images, videos, and file versions along with rights and collections.


Content Management System with landing pages and tracking & testing solutions in multiple languages.


Lead Management System tools that handle conversion optimization and provide status and reminder updates.


Human Resource Management traces employees, job offers, time trackers, and absence calendars.


Project Management Tools that feature task lists, line communication, and time trackers.


Customer Relationship Management software offers contact histories, invoices, and newsletter creation.


What you want in terms of automation, apps, and other items you have in mind.

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We help companies with requirement analyses, system comparisons and of course potential and growth analysis.

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