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11. August 2020 SuperD 0 Comments

Best Human Resources Management (HRM)

Technological advancements have constantly made things easier for everyone who adopts them. Thanks to the many technologies that are available to firms today, business operations do not have to rely on the traditional pen and paper to run smoothly. In fact, the modern business landscape might make it hard for any business to rely on traditional methods. As a result, we have developed a system that is both fast and easy to use. The Custom Core tool is a comprehensive web-based software solution for businesses of all sizes. Both startups and established enterprises could benefit from adopting our free tools that cover all the requirements for running a business.

Our tools cover business processes such as product information, customer relations management, human resource, and lead management system. We also enable your business to generate more sales by including a marketing campaign management tool into our package. You can use the tool to start and track your potential customers’ response to your marketing campaigns.

The wonderful thing about Custom core is that it allows you to take only what you need from us. This means that you can choose just a few of our free tools to run part of the affairs in your business and handle the rest yourself. Alternatively, you could incorporate the whole software suite and use all the tools to run your business. With the whole suite, you are assured of seamless integration and smooth processing of data in your business.

The human resource management tool, for instance, enables you to easily manage employee records, their information, track attendance, and manage job offers.

In the list below, we compare the top human resource software available in the market, highlight what they do, and reveal how much it costs to run them in your company.

1. Zoho Recruit Software

Zoho recruit is a web based employee management solution that targets small enterprises and startups. It includes a comprehensive applicant tracking system that has the capability of phrasing resumes, posting job vacancies, customizing company profiles, as well as scheduling interviews automatically. Being a web based application; this software is supported across multiple operating systems including iOS, android, and Windows. The pricing for Zoho recruit differs from one company to another and depends on how big the employee base is. You can also retrieve a free quote from their website after filling in information about your company.

2. Namely

Namely has an interactive user interface that is not only easy to use but also packs many useful features. The software allows integration with other compatible business intelligence software, thus enabling the firm’s management to make sense of the data collected from Namely and make inferences using the data. The easy and interactive interface allows employees to also use the software’s interface and provide human resource with useful data instead of having one member of the HR department collect information from employees and keying it in. Namely’s prices are scalable to every business depending on the number of its employees and size.

3. CakeHR by Sage Software

CakeHR is a HR software developed by Sage and conveniently hosted on the cloud, thereby enabling users to access it from any part of the world. The software integrates features such as 360 feedback, performance appraisal, and efficient management of workforce. It has cascaded user level logins that allow employees at different levels within the company to have personal accounts in the software. Using the software to manage employee leave days and holidays eliminates long communication chains through emails to the HR department by allowing each user to request for leave days directly from the software. The software is priced according to the size of the organization using the software and is sold through authorized software vendors.

4. JazzHR

JazzHR is an applicant tracking system based on the cloud. Its architecture allows it to be accessed on demand as opposed to having it installed on a PC in the HR office. It was founded in 2009 and has had many updates and patches. The many years that it has been in existence has enabled its developers to create functions and updates that allow it to be used in both small companies and big corporations.

The tools in JazzHR enable the Human resource manager to post jobs while the software is able to simulate any internal procedures that are involved during employee screening and hiring process. Users can also list jobs on hosted career sites, customize company profiles, and build a company’s career page using the application. Usage of this cloud-based software is supported across all popular operating systems, and its price depend on the size of the company.

5. Clear Company HRM

The Clear Company Human resource management software can be used by startups as well as large businesses that have been in existence for long. It features tools like talent alignment platform, which is efficient in matching applicants to job openings that require their skills.

The software also has an effective applicant tracking system that feature social sharing tools and an efficient single click background checker. Reporting tools on the Clear Company application are efficient in enabling the client to follow compliance regulations. It also features additional reporting tools for generating internal reports.

A quote for using the software is availed from the company website upon request by potential clients.

6. HubbubHR

HubbubHR software can be run on the cloud as well as a standalone application installed on a PC. The software targets large and mid-sized companies that operate on a global scale. With customizations that include multiple languages as well as multiple currencies, the software is customizable to fit any company in the world. The software also allows document upload and data import from other compatible applications. It supports MacOS on the standalone version and multiple browsers on the cloud based version. The price for the software is given upon request to a client by the company and is flexible depending on the size of the requesting client.

7. TimeWorksPlus

TimeWorksPlus targets mid-sized and small businesses and offers convenience of managing payroll systems, tracking attendance, leave management, and clocking in and out management. The application can be integrated into web browsers and smart devices, and it uses the clock settings on the devices to keep track of time. This software is sold both through vendors and on the official site for TimeworkPlus. The flexible price of the software depends on the size of the organization.

8. Brix24

Brix24 software targets small and mid-sized organizations that have few employees. The software architecture is best launched on an intranet setup. It has an interactive interface where all employees get access to a user account. The software features reward methodologies where the management is able to reward well performing employees with badges and likes to encourage other employees. This software is sold with a user subscription based on the size of the company and how many employees it operates with.

9. Calamari

Calamari is a web-based HR software solution that offers two modules for its operation. One module helps the management to track leave and holiday applications. The other module involves clocking in and out, which enables tracking of employee attendance. The clocking in/out module can also be synchronized with calendar apps like Google Calendar. With synchronization, the software can even implement your leave policy automatically. It also offers multiple ways of clocking in with a choice between scanning a QR code or the regular timesheet method. The software is priced per employee per year.

10. BambooHR

BambooHR seeks to provide HR solutions to both mid-sized and small businesses. It offers useful features that help human resource to track employees from when they are first oriented in the company to when they leave or retire from the company. With a centralized database, the software is able to keep track of employee payroll and review appraisals. It then alerts the management when a well performing employee is due for promotion depending on the pre-set company policies. Pricing for BambooHR software depends on the number of employees a business has.