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11. August 2020 SuperD 0 Comments

MCM Marketing Campaign Management

Automation of business processes is set to be the norm for most businesses. The benefits that companies enjoy by using automated software to handle their business’ processes extend from getting fast and accurate results to being able to collect big data. The firms then synthesize the data using the same software tools they use to collect the data. The firm uses the data to forecast future trends in the market by knowing how customers respond to specific marketing strategies that the company has been employing.

At CustomCore, we develop diverse software solutions all housed under one software tool that has modules for Marketing Campaign Management, customer and lead generation management, human resource, and digital assets management among others. Our free software package is web based and hosted on the cloud, meaning that you can log in from any location in the world and manage your business processes on the go.

By adopting the software solution we have developed, your business gets the benefit of having a scalable solution for the current and future needs. You can select one or just a few of the modules that exist in our package and begin implementing them in your business today. The scalable nature of our solution allows you to add more modules later as dictated by the needs of your business.

The section below discusses some of the Marketing campaign software solutions that exist in the current market and how they help businesses in managing marketing campaigns.

1. Zoho Campaigns Software

Zoho Campaigns is primarily an email marketing software that can also be integrated into popular social media platforms. Companies that use Zoho Campaigns are also able to create automated mailing lists and manage the customers’ contact list. The analysis tool built into the software also enables companies who use Zoho Campaigns in their marketing process to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through social media by measuring and availing reports that analyze follower engagement. The software can be integrated into the wider Zoho CRM software suite that allows the user to create an account where they can log in and see the performance of different marketing campaigns. The pricing for Zoho Campaigns depends on specific subscription package as well as pay on the go packages where users only pay for the services they need when it is convenient for their marketing purposes.

2. emfluence Marketing Platform

emfluence Marketing Platform is a cloud based solution that enables businesses to create and manage online marketing campaigns. The software includes the basic features that help identify and brand a business in the competitive online space that include tools for building interactive landing pages, interactive forms that help firms collect information from customers, scheduling events on calendars, social media platform integration tools, survey building tools, as well as analytical and report generation tools.

Users of emfluence Marketing Platform get a tool that enables them to build custom marketing and branding pages for their businesses. The software tool is priced on a monthly rate that varies according to the number of contacts that a firm has.

3. Pardot Marketing Automation Software

Pardot Marketing Automation Software is a product of a Salesforce company that focuses on the business-to-business marketing model. The automated mailing service in this software is customized to offer long-term support and multi-step resolutions that are involved in b2b sales and marketing.

Customers who use Pardot Marketing Automation Software in their business operations have access to software tools that manage lead management, send bulk messages to customers, automate drip marketing protocols, and issue sale alerts on promising leads. The software, which is part of Salesforce, is provided to clients as a service solution and integrates with stand-alone software such as Sugar CRM, Microsoft CRM, and NetSuite.

4. EZ Texting Software

EZ Texting is a software company that has been in existence since 2004 and operates by linking firms to their large collection of contacts that are held in a database that has seen steady growth in size over the years that they have been in operation. The company has served over 160,000 customers spread across United States and parts of Canada.

EZ Texting services are based on the cloud and include bulk messaging services to customers, multimedia messaging, delivery reports, and conducting polls through text polls.

Clients who use EZ Texting services also benefit from the ability to customize messages sent to customers and include keywords that boost their products and services. Texting services help the business grow among the old folk who are not well versed with the emerging marketing technologies.

5. Mozeo – Marketing Software

Mozeo – Marketing Software is a web based messaging software that offers its users marketing outreach to potential clients through mobile phone messaging services, bulk emailing of contact lists, and mobile websites.

Mozeo – Marketing Software users get access to customized services such as webinars and other training materials that help them draw maximum benefits from the software.

6. E-mercury

E-mercury is a software designed for use by people who do their main business on social media platforms such as bloggers, speakers, and social media influencers. The software features options that help the users to manage their marketing endeavors. Some of its services include customized template management, image collection, email- editor, and analytical tools that prepare reports about the outreach of a marketing campaign. E-mercury pricing is based on the number of people that have subscribed to the user’s platforms.

7. Creatio CRM

Creatio CRM is an automated marketing software that handles the marketing process from the initial stage of lead generation to pursuing the potential client through frequent engagement until a successful sale is made.

Users of this software benefit from viewing multiple marketing processes, such as potential leads, statistics of posts that have been posted in a marketing campaign, and reviewing the resulting user engagement from the posts, on a single platform. Creatio CRM is sold as an optional stand-alone software or as part of an integrated software tool in a CRM.

8. PinPointe

PinPointe is a web-based tool that offers businesses the chance to grow their market base by creating and managing successful e-mail marketing campaigns. With this software, firms can hold meetings and come up with templates that are scheduled for release to clients at different times after the meetings. The software also offers flexibility to the business by allowing changes to be made to the created templates at any time before they are set out. Clients can subscribe to the software through monthly payments or adopt a pay on the go model.

9. I-post

I-post enables marketing of a firm’s services and products through automated e-mailing of the clients to facilitate generation of leads and conversion of the leads to successful sales. The software has an interactive interface that facilitates easy administration of the marketing campaigns and maintenance of the clients’ contact list. The software also integrates with popular e-commerce solutions like Shopify and Woo Commerce. Pricing for the software is available upon request by the client to the I-post contact page.

10. SharpSpring

SharpSpring offers an all-round business management solution to help businesses manage lead generation and conversion by enabling social media and mobile marketing, customer service, campaign analysis, and bulk mailing automation. SharpSpring is scalable and can be used by both small and well established businesses. Pricing packaes for the software are issued upon request from the provider and are flexible depending on the amount of interactions that a business gets.