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PIM Product Information Systems

Investing in product information management (PIM) software is a strategic decision for all online retailers. PIM software allows e-commerce businesses to centralize and harmonize product information across all departments into a single platform. It creates a single source of truth for consumer-facing information for your sales and marketing channels.

What is PIM software?

Product information management software is a central data hub for e-commerce businesses that collects, stores, organizes and analyzes product information for easier consumer access. 64% of American adults say they shop online to access more product information than in brick and motor stores. Poorly maintained product information may lead to your retail business losing 3.5% of your sales annually due to customer product returns. An excellent PIM software allows you to;
• Collect and store all product information
• Create an organizational tool that categorizes different products
• Easily searchable data
• Syndicate data from different channels
• Create rich, optimized content for your products

Which Are The Top 10 PIM Software In 2020?

The product information management global market value stands at $11.4 billion, and continue to expand rapidly as more vendors join the industry. In this guide, we have compiled the top 10 PIM software and how they can streamline your sales and marketing pipelines. Here is a detailed overview of each product;

1. Salsify

Salsify is a cloud-based product management platform that allows you to easily integrate all your product information into data silos for easier processing. The program is feature-saturated, making it preferable for large enterprises and e-commerce retailers. The intuitive UI allows all departments to access real-time data that drives strategic decisions.

• Centralized repository of consumer product information
• Easier import/export procedures to other 3rd party channels
• Data-driven analytics

Pricing: There are no prices listed on the website, with the company providing customized quotes. You may also enjoy a 30 day free trial with a personalized demo.

2. Akeneo

Akeneo is an open-source PIM system that provides end-to-end product experience management. The API allows online retailers to pull data on their different products from any source. The system offers unique solutions for product information management through Akeneo Onboader, PIM, and Franklin Akeneo programs.

• Integrated data asset manager
• Easy Configuration of the SKU attributes
• Manage right of access for staff in different departments
• Automated classification of products into specific categories

Pricing: The vendor offers PIM features in three customized schemes; free community package, cloud, and enterprise subscription-based plans.

3. Pimcore

Pimcore is an Austria-based software company that offers data management solutions through open-source software. The consumer experience management system is one of its kind with the integration of digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM), e-commerce, and Master Data Management (MDM) into one platform. The program allows syndication of contextualized content, breaking it into the respective data silos.

• A robust data-modeling engine for all departments
• Create Consistent Product stories across all channels
• Syndication of product information to 3rd party channels
Pricing: Pimcore offers three solutions; a free, open-source edition, enterprise edition starting at $1.99/year, and cloud-based plans being custom-fit.

4. Plytix

It is a simple-to-use, intuitive solution that takes product experience management to the next level. The easy-to-use interface makes it favorable among small and medium-sized businesses. The company offers product metrics that allow for easier data tracking and analysis.

• Unlimited number of users can work on the product information
• Intelligent data filtering that allows for efficient data analytics
• Product-level modeling platform across all channels
• Suitable for both large and small business through the interactive UI

Pricing: Plytix has a free trial mode that allows you to test out the system for a limited period. The Pro edition starts at $830/ month while the enterprise version has a custom offer.

5. inRiver PIM

inRiver PIM is a flexible platform that allows you to gain operational efficiency within your online business. The product provides collaborative workflows that give access to a single source of product information. You can create compelling product descriptions to be syndicated through all content channels. The scalable and flexible platform enhances consumer experiences that increase conversions.

• Cloud-based product information management software
• Digital intelligence products that improve collaborative workflows
• Enhanced search capabilities for your product information

Pricing: The vendor operates a quote-based plan.

6. Catsy

The dynamic PIM provider offers better data governance through centralized, optimized, and syndicated product information management. The Catsy PIM software allows you to unify your product content and syndicate the contextualized data to all your channels and digital assets.

• Easy to integrate to 3rd party channels
• Synchronized product information across all online platforms
• Tailor-made page content for your products

Pricing: The vendor doesn’t provide any pricing information on the website. However, you can try out Catsy’s free demo to see if the program fits your e-commerce needs.

7. Agility Multichannel

Agility Multichannel is a user-friendly platform that provides custom-fit solutions to product information management. The interactive dashboard provides a centralized view of content management on all channels. The platform offers real-time data analytics, allowing your sales and marketing teams to tailor the products to changing consumer behavior.

• Real-time data analytics
• Contextual view of your dashboard
• Easy integration with other API platforms for data management
• Automated processing of data

Pricing: The pricing information is not published. Agility Multichannel charges an annual subscription fee with incremental costs based on the number of users you need.

8. Riversand

Riversand’s PIM software gives you greater control over consumer experience management through streamlined syndication of product information. The program allows you to create efficient collaborative workflows across the different channels and a robust digital supply chain. The platform helps reduce manual processes in data management and ease the process of digital asset creation.

• Multi-regional cover with diverse languages available
• Easy to customize for a personalized customer experience
• Efficient connectors for content syndication to all channels
• Better visual interface
Pricing: You may need to contact the vendor for a quote as the pricing information is not available online.

9. Contentserv

Contentserv PIM systems provide diverse solutions through its interactive platform. In addition to product information management, you can easily access master data management, digital asset management, and marketing experience management from the interactive dashboard. Contentserv’s platform creates better consumer experiences through better data integration and product information availability.

• Access to accurate and consistent product information
• Complex data models for easier information retrieval
• Enhanced collaborative workflows
• Rule-based classification and organizational tool

Pricing: Contentserv provides a personalized quote depending on the number of power users who will be using it.

10. IBM Infosphere

IBM product master software provides excellent product information management services and master data management capabilities. The platform offers a comprehensive solution by creating a robust, up-to-date repository for product information for large and small businesses. Additionally, the tool provides collaborative workflows that allow for real-time data analysis.

• Advanced analytic and auditing tools for sales and marketing teams
• Has a bulk-editing capacity allow for more straightforward update of product information
• Extensive modeling that covers for future business expansion and growth

Pricing: The vendor offers flexible subscription-based pricing models that include basic and enterprise packages.

Wrapping Up
It’s no doubt that e-commerce traders and online retails require a robust system to organize their product information. PIM software can help you keep your product information up-to-date as well as synchronize with other third-party channels. Depending on your needs and preferences, choose a software vendor that will build customer loyalty and brand awareness. Have we missed your favorite PIM? Make sure to let us know down below.