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PMT Project Mangement Tools

Top ranked custom software development companies

Custom Core specializes in delivery of custom software for both small and large companies. Our services are based on an advanced web-framework of the all reliable PHP platform known as PHP Larvel. We deliver web based solutions for your business that are easily customizable and have passed vigorous testing. Our highly experienced developers handle all the technological jargon involved in software development and provide you with a customizable graphical user interface that is easy to use. All you have to do is select from a wide range of web-based software options, drag and drop, and you are set to go. You can also customize text and fonts and pick a theme that works for you from our exhaustive collection of customizable themes.

We also provide ready-made solutions to aid in your business process, which you can easily integrate in your company’s workflow. Our software solutions include customer and lead management solutions, marketing, product, and content management, as well as digital assets and human resource organization.

We also go beyond providing our clients with software solutions to managing their business and offering consultation services to anyone who gives us a project. Our services are reliable and always available with minimal downtime.

Our customers are guaranteed of professionalism when dealing with us. We have selected among the top custom development software companies and done brief comparisons of their services to show you why our services are highly rated. Check out some of them below and make a wise decision when you want a custom web based solution for your business.

1. Brights

Brights is one of the top rated providers of software solutions. They have been in the business of delivering quality software since 2011 and have worked with many top rated brands. Their approach is tailored to deliver software at any stage of the software development lifecycle. They are based in Ukraine and have a sales office in Poland. The rates for Bright are priced on an hourly basis, which means that the amount you pay them depends on how long your project takes from start to finish. Their hourly rate is between $30 and $35, and they focus on delivering software that works across multiple platforms including android and iOS mobile platforms.

2. Icreon Tech

This software company was founded in 2000 in United States. Over the years, the company has had steady growth and opened branches in United Kingdom, Dubai, and India. With annual revenue of approximately $75 million, the workforce for this company is about 500 employees who are spread out across all the branches. Icreon Tech develops web-based software solutions for their customers and help them grow through their core values, which include transparency, innovation, and creativity. Major brands that have previously contracted Icreon tech services and still use their support in maintenance include National Geographic, New York Road Runners, Ferrari, and Panasonic. Their custom development software rates are flexible and depend on the client’s scope.

3. Science Soft

This company is also based in United States and has its headquarters in Texas. The company was founded in 1989 and offers employment to over 700 employees. With their many years of experience in developing software, this company targets mid-sized to large enterprises who are in the fields of healthcare, retail, banking, logistics, as well as education. The company prices its services according to the clients’ specifications and offer quotations on demand after analyzing the scope for the software project. Among the well-known brands that have had their software projects handled by Science Soft include Lixar, Leo Burnet,Harding, and Carbone.

4. RadixWeb

RadixWeb is an Indian based development company that has its headquarters in the city of Gujrat. They have perfected production of web-based solutions that meet the needs of businesses in the modern world. Their applications run on all major platforms including android, iOS, and Windows. With advanced development procedures, RadixWeb are able to involve their clients in real time development of the software. The web based software developed by RadixWEb can run on the cloud as well as on stand-alone server hosting. Pricing for web apps in RadixWeb is fairly done and a quote is delivered to the client after analysis of their project requirements.

5. DevMynd

This is another US-based company that focuses majorly on web and mobile applications. They ground their approach on customer satisfaction. As such, they are able to build custom software for interconnected devices as well as innovative and outstanding user interfaces that are custom made with the customer’s business in mind. Their reasonable pricing and on-time delivery of pre-tested software have enabled them to work with both small and medium sized companies that include Knovation, ANInBev, IBM Bluemix, and Udemy.

Services at DevMynd are priced according to the customer’s needs and are flexible for each client. A simple call to their customer relations office or contact through their website can have a project quote delivered to a client after both parties agree on the project requirements.

6. Oxagile

Yet another company that is based in United States makes it to our list of companies that are reputable in custom software development. This company boasts of decades of experience in delivering web-based solutions for businesses that range from e-commerce, AdTech, and eLearning organizations. They also help firms to handle the big data they collect from their interactions with customers. They take well tested approaches to deliver on a client’s project using the waterfall model. Their pricing model is also based on a specific client’s needs.

7. CodeBrew Labs

This Indian-based company has offices in India, United States, and Dubai. They specialize in providing technology solutions to startups who want to scale their businesses quickly by adopting the solutions available in the technology field. Their services range from offering customized enterprise relationship solutions, web applications, mobile applications, and digital transformation. Their services promise to deliver return on investment to their clients within a short time. They have flexible pricing terms and quote projects depending on the needs of each client.

8. Arateg

This company is a new player who started software development in recent years and has witnessed steady growth. They have a dedicated team that focuses on developing web applications, mobile applications that support both Android and iOS platforms, ecommerce business solutions, and interconnected solutions that support the IoT infrastructure.

The unique and well thought approach that satisfies customers has enabled them to grow rapidly and now have a market share that is valued at more than $10 million. The pricing rates for a software project that is done at Arateg is calculated at an hourly rate of between $25 and $49.

9. Experion Technologies

Experion Technologies focuses on developing software solutions for small and mid-sized companies. Their 12 years expertise in developing software has seen them compete with established brands and deliver good quality web based solutions as well as mobile applications. The increased demand for cloud based software, which their experienced team is able to deliver, has also seen them expand their customer base to more than 26 countries in the world. They offer remote as well as in person development experience and price their services depending on the client’s needs.

10. Itransition

Itransition’s approach involves delivering working and well-made software that meets the client’s needs in a record time. Their usually have ready-made prototypes that a potential client can test and have customized to his or her own liking.

By involving the client in the development process, they are able to meet all the needs of the client and deliver software that the client will find both easy to use and reliable.

They have other services that help businesses be a step ahead of their competitors. For instance, they help them upgrade and maintain the solutions that they deliver by doing follow up procedures after the completion of a project.

They also price their services according to each client’s project and deliver reasonable quotes that match the scope of a project.